Islamic Scouting


Salute to the Nobility of Scouting


Ambassador, Youssouf Sylla,

Hon. Chairman, Islamic Council on Scouting of North America




January 01, 1983


I am very happy and gratified to note that Muslims in North America are beginning to take conscious steps for shaping the lives of their youth through an Islamic Scouts Movement. I consider this new movement vitally important for the generation of the Muslims born in America because is strongly Islam-oriented. I wish the Islamic Scouts Movement a great success.





Nehad Hamid,



In the United States & Canada.


Scouting has long been recognized by Muslims as a great movement uniting the youth of the world under a bond of spiritual, moral, and physical strength.  The spiritual bond, while not exemplifying one religion over another, can readily be recognized in the opening phrase of the Scout’s Oath: “ On my honor I will do my best, to do my duty to God and my country.” The religious award provided for by Scouting and established by the many faiths of the world can have only one ultimate goal, that of spiritual preparedness and tolerance.


Scouting presents to youth a challenge to remain morally straight, physically strong and mentally awake at all times throughout their lives. The living monuments that this has been  accomplished are the uncountable number of men that have passed through the unforgettable hours, days, and years in the realm of Scouting, becoming successful in their every undertaking.


We, of the Islamic faith, are proud to participate in this great movement and at the same time hope that the Boy Scouts of Islamic faith will fulfill their obligations both to their faith and to the Boy Scouts of America.


We are proud of you that you have taken the responsibility of the religious award for the  Boy scouts of the Islamic faith which we have started long time ago.


The award be known as the “In The Name of God Award”  signifying not only our belief in the absoluteness of GOD but also the doctrine of unity within our faith and the whole of mankind.


May the blessing of  Allah be with you all.





Dr. Zuhayr A. Moghrabi Esq.,

Chairman, Fifth Anniversary Celebration of Islamic Scouting Committee

Professor, New York College of Law


February 18, 1987


The march of time and the complexities of modern society pose a great challenge to our spirit and intellect.  A deep faith in God and commitment to His message helps elevate our spirits, enlarge our vision and keep us on the right path.


Since its inception, scouting has emphasized the moral and spiritual aspect of life.  Its emphasis on discipline,  honesty, reliance, faith, cooperation and hard work has helped develop and mold a healthy and responsible youth capable  of assuming the burdens of its generation.


The most important segment of any society is its youth.  They are the future leaders, teachers, artists, musicians, doctors, lawyers, businessmen and other professionals,  The  contributions of scouting to the development of our youth has been singularly important and productive.


The establishment of the Islamic Council on Scouting in 1982 and its ensuing scouting activities fortifies the deep involvement of the Islamic tradition and concepts in the affairs of society. It encourages learning, personal and societal development, cooperation and assistance to others.


Indeed, the scouts and all those who guide them are the silent unsung heroes.


We extend our warmest wishes and encouragement to the Islamic Council on Scouting on this Fifth Anniversary and for many years to come hoping that it will continue its mission of developing and guiding our youth.





Dawud Zwink,

Chairman, Tenth Anniversary Celebration of Islamic Scouting Committee

Chairman NICS 1990-93

Vice President ISNA,


May 15, 1992


As Muslims, we face the daily challenge of raising our boys and young men as God fearing persons with a keen sense of duty to Allah and community. We are all in need of spiritual, physical and mental growth opportunities for our youth. We believe that a Muslim guided program of Boy Scouts of America activities in your community will create unique chances to do just that.


I have personally been involved with the Boy Scouts of America programs for more than a decade, first as a youth, then as a local scout master in the Greater Indianapolis area. I have watched my on Ahmed, grow to maturity through the ranks of scouting until he succeeded in earning the highest rank of Eagle scout in 1990 at the age of eighteen. Only about 2% of all the hundreds of thousands of youth that participate in scouting achieve that goal. I believe that the skills that he learned in association with other Muslim young men in his troop have a major factor in the development of self confidence in the outdoors, as a leader of his peers, and in his courteous manner towards his elders.


Today , I believe he carries an abiding concern about the world in which he lives, his family, the community of which he is a part, and the faith which we all consider to be so precious. I credit much of that to the experiences he was blessed with in scouting.


I would so much like to see the young men of Muslim community have the same chance, and perhaps gain the same benefits. However that can never happen unless some of the best men and women of our community are willing to help make those opportunities possible.







Ahmad  von Denffer,


Vice Chairman for Germany,

Islamic Committee on World Scouting

Munchen, Germany,


I am deeply grateful to Allah ta’ala for having blessed our humble effort to launch Islamic Scouts in Germany during the second half of 1988. This is the first effort of its kind to establish a solid platform for Muslim youth work in Germany on a larger scale, in cooperation with the major Muslim organizations, but transcending their specific and local problems.


By now we have passed through the initial stages, and our work seems to move into the right direction. I therefore wish to take this opportunity to keep you informed.


Let me also point out that we work in separate wings for boys and girls, and both have their own separate units (patrols) as well as adult leaders.


Islamic scouts has full support of the Islamic Committee on World Scouting”, the Islamic Center Munich and the Islamic Community in Germany. It was also well received by the official “Council of German Scout association”. We wish to work in close contact with scouts both from Germany as well as the Muslim world, and especially with Muslim organizations and individuals, who understand the importance of proper youth-work, particularly within the context of western and European societies, where it is extremely difficult for Muslim youth to find their proper place.


We pray that Islamic Scouts will be accepted by the Allah as a means to assist in this cause. We request you to pray for our success in this world and in the hereafter and look forward to your leadership and full cooperation with us.






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