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Chairman of the National Islamic Committee on Scouting address to gathering on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America in Washington DC:



It is for me and my delegation of the Islamic Council on Scouting of North America, a very important privilege to speak before the august assembly of National Council of Boy Scouts of America.


Today, our main concern, here , is to find out through diverse experience how to fulfill our responsibilities  towards the youth. But the questions still remains of how to prepare them for the leadership of tomorrow. In that important perspective the Islamic Scouting program, offer the means for our children to learn skills of living in this society in accord with the basic principles of the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him). Yet. Islam has laid a great emphasis upon group organization for Muslims and has urged each individual member of the Muslim community to take up his responsibilities for the welfare of the whole community.  With this aim in mind, at the first stage of the human progress, we are placing knowledge and learning, ethical goodness and development of talents.


It is apparent that human beings do not seek to acquire knowledge and learning just to conquer nature and to prosper in their material life. Rather, they posses an instinct for which causes knowledge in itself to become an enjoyable goal although learning serves as a means to the betterment of life and the accomplishment of responsibilities. Human beings intrinsically spiritual dimension of the existence of human beings.


Ethical Goodness:


Human being perform some of their action only under the influence of a series of ethical emotions rather than with an intention of gaining a benefit or repelling a harm. In other words, human being perform a great many of their actions for the sake of their ethical value and not in the hope of their material rewards in scouting within the area. Ethical values and ethical goodness are meaningless to other animals these aspects established another dimension of human beings spirituality.


Development of Talents:


Islamic teachings indicate that the divine school of Islam pays great attention to all of  mankind’s dimensions. Physical, material and spiritual, mental and emotional social and individual. It doesn’t disregard any of them; rather it concentrates its special attention on the training of each in its relevant contest and on the basis of certain principles.


Knowledge o Self:


In Islam, the individual is expected to be capable of knowing his her own “self” a well as recognizing his or her status  as it actually is, in the world of creation. The Holy Qur’an urges this idea on many occasions. It explains the aim of such knowledge and recognition in mankind’s attainment of the eminent position for which there are competent. T Holy Qur’an is a book for the construction of human beings. It is not a theoretical philosophy restricted to controversy about theories and points of views. It proves each and every idea for its practical application; it requires the individual to discover his other real “self”. This “self” is not that which one’s ID card reveals (name; father’s name, birth date, nationality, marital status, number of children and so forth)


What Islam causes each individual to reveal is that which is considered to be the Divine spirit. Now, with a perfect knowledge of such a “self” human being do feel a kind of dignity and elevation, reject humilities, recognize their sanctity and discern the meaning and value of social and ethical sanctities.


Knowledge of self means that human beings know that they are not solely earth bound, that they are a ray of the Divine spirit, that they take precedence over the Angels in wisdom and that are free, self-sufficient and responsible to others and to prosperity and betterment of the world.


In the light of these high principles the Islamic Council on Scouting, is cooperating in the last several years with the Boy Scouts of America, which states in article I X Section I, clause I of its charter,


quote:   “ The boy Scouts of America maintains that no member can grow into the best kind of Citizen without recognizing our obligation to God” unquote.


quote:   “ The recognition of God and the ruling and leading power in the universe and the grateful acknowledgement of his favors and blessings are necessary for the type of citizenship and are wholesome precepts in the education of the growing members, no matter what the religious faith of the member may be. The Boy Scouts of America therefore recognizes the religious element in the training of the members”      unquote.


Taking into account this common goal, the purpose of the Islamic Council on Scouting  either local or regional, national or international since the last several years , is to effectively implement the plan of cooperation which exists between our two organization and to give guidance, direction, leadership and vitality in the spiritual phase of scouting to all young Muslims.


All these actions represent a beginning of working towards a more fraternal society. Yet, our world is specially  preoccupied with two problems:


Economic and Social  development and relations between different people.  These  are henceforth, two problems which concern the whole world and are closely related to one another. All of us are well aware, how any economic imbalance or unmerited suffering in one part of the world can  cause conflicts an disturb international relations. We are conscious  of how necessary peace is to the economic and social development of nations, especially of those belonging to the Third World, our responsibility is to be deeply involved, regardless of our religious belief in all such problems.


We have to create around us, through our youth, a spirit of dialogue and cooperation; we must help one another to preserve human dignity and to restore to the individual his rightful place  in a more just  and brotherly society.


All of us are up against the same problems and all of us must cooperate more closely since we share a common belief in the same God and we proclaim ourselves His servants. We  are brought back to common ground from which we can march forward together. We must have confidence that this Night Trek will be followed by the Dawn…. Dialogue is not only an act of charity it also brings hope.




A great stride has been launched to motivate our youths in this direction and we sincerely appreciate the many ideas and advice given to us by the Boy Scouts officials and other volunteer, specially the encouragement we have received from the then Chief Scouts Executive Mr. J. L. Tarr, Mr. Marshall Salon, Chairman Relationship of Boy Scouts of America  Mr. Joe Kessler, National Director Religious Relationship.









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